Sparking - Parking and Reservation System Using Image Processing


Sparking eliminates the hassle of aimlessly searching for parking spots by enhancing existing parking garage systems. Sparking aims to assist drivers find parking efficiently, making parking more convenient. We prioritized the creation of a system that seamlessly integrates hardware and software. Additionally, we identified and implemented the most efficient automatic license plate recognition software available to ensure viability in commercial and residential spaces.

Background & Related Work

The idea for Sparking was inspired by a license plate finder system currently utilized in Dubai’s parking structure. Our team determined we wanted to integrate image recognition into our project and, as a result, created a reservation system for parking with enhancements using an API called OpenALPR for license plate verification. Related work within this realm consisted of using the microcontroller, Intel Edison, along with an item recognizing software.

Design Methodology

Project Deliverables

We implemented Sparking as an integrated software and hardware system with the following functionalities:

1. Creation of a parking reservation as a registered user

2. Creation of a parking reservation as a drop-in user

3. Payment for a parking spot

4. Identification of license plates

5. Automatic assignment of a parking spot

The project deliverables consist of the project report, the web application, and the smart parking system which includes an ultrasonic sensor, the Intel Edison, and a camera.


This senior project allowed my team to present their learnings in a one year-long project. Best practices were applied into the design as well as the implementation of the project creating a fully functional Smart Parking system. The final prototype allows a user to receive a guaranteed parking spot with an enhanced version of a parking structure.